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How to Targeting The Right Keywords


Why do some keywords work better than others?

How to targeting the right keywords, Because different types of keywords represent different levels of interest & intent. The categories below group keywords by how close they are to a conversion; the closer they are to the center, the better they will tend to convert‘ Use these categories in keyword brainstorming to make sure you’re developing a full universe and to understand which ones may be more effective.

Lets take an example:

To Targeting The Right Keywords

To Targeting The Right Keywords

Desired Conversion Event: Purchase of Brand ‘X’ Honey

Brand Terms {Brand ‘X’ Honey, ‘X’ Honey}

Customers looking for these terms have done research, know your brand, and are relatively easy to convert. Not many terms in the library, not many impressions, but great click through and conversion.

Product Terms {honey, natural sweetener}

What is your product is or does. Customers looking for these words are still educating themselves about what they want to buy but might find what they’re looking for with your product.

Competitor Terms {Brand ‘Y’ Honey, Brand ‘Z’ Honey}

Customers looking for these terms are educated enough about the market to be interested in particular brands; they might be convinced to look at your brand instead. These terms used to work great for SEM but have become increasingly less effective.

Substitute Product Term {jam, jelly}

Customers looking for these terms want something similar to what you sell and they might be willing to try your product instead.

Complementary Product Term {peanut butter, tea}

These customers are looking for something that goes with what you sell. They aren’t directly in the market for your product but might be reminded that they need it, too.

Audience Terms {quick kid lunches, natural products}

These are words that aren’t covered in the other categories, but might be typical of the people you are targeting. If you think busy moms buy Brand X Honey, or people who want natural products, then you could develop a list of other terms those people might search on.

Using the relevant to product or services will focus on the targeting the right keywords

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