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A little boy goes out into the ocean, every day he would say that one day when I will grow up I will conquer the ocean.

(Attitude Matters)

He is a little boy. One day he takes his small boat, sitting in his boat he starts rowing into the ocean, what happens that all the waves near the shore are very small, all the fish near the shore are very small. As the boy went into the ocean, deeper and deeper, further and further, the waves became bigger and bigger, the fish became bigger and bigger. He still kept on saying that when I get to the center of the ocean, I am going to declare to the world that I have conquered the ocean but suddenly a huge wave came, the boat capsized and the little boy started sinking and sinking, when he came right down to the seabed he still said “I am still going to shout to the top of my voice that I have conquered the ocean”.

The ocean surprisingly asked why?

The little boy said, “Such a mighty ocean could not support a little boy on his chest, Here I am at the bottom of the sea supporting the whole ocean on my chest”.

Ultimately, If you have such a positive attitude, go on, nothing can defeat you.

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