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What are some of the dark lessons that life showed you?


Dark Lessons


  • Men tend to think that they love sex but women love it as much as men and they can be way dirtier!! A woman who loves sex and is not afraid to show it to her partner can be very hard to satisfy.
  • Losers tend to flock in groups; successful people are usually lonely and have very few, select friends.
  • Gym-enthusiasts and the whole gym-culture is a way to hide self-esteem issues and to compensate for the lack of something else.
  • Religion is good as an ethical reference but it should be taken with a degree of criticism and reality. A person who adhered fully to the commandments of any religion is usually very dangerous.
  • Social networks are a macabre instrument of narcissism and mass surveillance and control.
  • Sometimes your worst enemies are within your family and people you call friends. They are the ones who can do you harm while trying to convince you that in reality, they are making you a favor.
  • People have different measures of success and well-being in life.
  • There are many turns in life: you may be successful today and a complete failure tomorrow; you may be a failure today and a success tomorrow. Out success depends on a lot of circumstances. Don’t forget that they often change. Just never give up and fight for what you want.
  • Marriage is nothing but a contract underpinned in materialistic interests.
  • We very much live in a caste society like people in India. People tend to have friends, date and marry within their own social circles. We just haven’t institutionalized it like they have but it still exists. The French revolution did not do away with nobility, it just replaced it with the bourgeoisie, who can be as discriminating as nobles.


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