Looking to know how do bloggers make money?

Here’s a short video that I’ve recorded for you, which will not only give you 10 different ways to monetise, but also some cool tips on shortening your learning curve to make blogging a full time career.


1. Membership Sites

Did you know that you can actually turn your blog into a membership site where your readers can pay to ready more high quality content? Yes, this is possible. There are many bloggers who use this form of monetisation.

2. Information Products (your own)

You can create a simple eBook, audio course or video course and sell that through your blog. Just integrate with PayPal or e-junkie and start selling your stuff through your blog.

3. Services, Consulting or Coaching

Once you get good at blogging and SEO, you can start selling your professional services through your blog. I’ve got many blogger buddies who provider some really cool services.

4. Speaking Gigs

Speaking is one of the higest paid professions in the world today. Let’s say you want to get in the limelight and start sharing your knowledge… you can not use your blog to get more enquiries from people who want to book you as the next speaker.

5. Physical Product Sales

Want to sell some stuff from eBay or Amazon? Why not blog about some cool physical products and then sell them through your blog. You can start writing some reviews on physical products like Gadgets, Cars, etc. and generate some serious enquiries through your blog.

6. Affiliate Marketing

This is my favourite way of making money through blogs. You can go to sites like ClickBank or JVZoo or Commission Junction and become an affiliate of tons of products from various niches to monetise on your blog.

7. Direct Ad Sales

Once your blog gains momentum and traffic, there is a high chance that brands will contact you directly to place banners on your blog. Bloggers charge brands anywhere from $50 to $2000 to put up direct ads on their blogs. A great way to monetise.

8. Banner Advertising

Did you know that a lot of bloggers make some serious income just by Banner Advertising. Sites like Huffingtonpost make over $2mn/month through just banner ads.You can sign up on websites like BuySellAds.com or Google Adsense and start feeding banner ads in your blogs.

9. Paid Posts

Many brands pay accomplished bloggers to write a post about their company. These come under the category of paid posts. This is also a very cost effective way for companies to leverage the already existing audience of professional bloggers.

10. Buy and Sell your Blog

If you ask me how do bloggers make money in this way..this is a lot like real estate. It’s all about building an authority niche blog, getting in high quality content in, growing a raving fan following and selling the whole damn thing to someone else. The key is in building your blog with super high quality content that will keep getting readers back to your blog.


There are tons of ways to make money through blogs. Even if you’re able to master 1/10 of the above strategies you will not only see exponential growth in your blogging efforts, but you’ll also become an expert in due course of time.

Source: siddharthrajsekar