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2018 Top digital Marketing Trends that will help you to boot up!


“Digital Marketing” a well know term for everyone now. Since 2017  Digital Marketing trends and online marketing has gained more popularity with large scale and medium sized businesses are presenting their online activities to attract the customers/users/followers and promoting their services and products through various digital marketing channels like Search Engines, Paid online Advertisements, Social Media Channels.

top digital marketing trends 2018

Then everything is fine until 2017, what are things we can expect in the  year of 2018 and what we can do in 2018 digital marketing?

Well, Most of the marketers are predicting and they believe the usage of internet and it’s space is going to expand further with more companies by acquiring digital world  and step into digital marketing world. The others are saying there is huge amount of data is available on the internet by the user and search engine preferences.

The online marketing industry  is Vast, Complex, Volatile and Large. The earlier you hit the right nerve of an online/internet user, the better you can reach them and one step forward from your competitors.

Based on some research and whispers here we are created some list of most reliable DIGITAL MARKETING TRENDS FOR THE YEAR OF 2018 that should be helpful to focus on implementing digital marketing strategies and formulating online campaigns.

1. The increasing influences of VIDEO AD’S.

The video advertisement is not a new chapter for social media giants like Facebook and YouTube, But the video advertising in Search Engine Result Page will change the whole rainbow of internet advertising/online advertising.

This is also suggesting to increase the video ads to continue the trend among the user, soon we may expect the video ads pop(As we are receiving rich media ads now).

2. Mobile will command and dominate desktop

The mobile usage is increased from 2016.

AMP – is very effective for mobile usage and search engines. AMP means Accelerated Mobile Page. Google is now checking that, website is mobile optimized or not. If you don’t then this AMP will helpful for you. These mobile traffic is clearly fading away the desktop traffic and the smart money resets on mobile focused online marketing.
This mobile optimized website is top priority for the digital marketers in 2018.

3. Dedicated Mobile Apps will find their way

The mobile app more convincing for the users and offers well mobile optimized websites features with easy accessible way.

Google is also offering app indexing which will create certain advantage to having a desire dedicated app for the future. it will take some time to replace the websites with apps completely, but we can predict that. We may consider this 2018 is big change for mobile app marketing.

4. Social Conversion is on the way

we already know the power of social media. Social media will impact in improving more conversion rate by bonding with company-consumer conversation.

We can avail thsi information for the e-commerce websites and lead generation websites. Social media will impact with more conversion improvement and converts prospects into buyers.

5. Smart Devices and wearable technology year

In the past we have been watching wearable smart devices trends like Apple iWatch, Google Glass, Moto 360 and etc. It will connected you to the digital world on the go by wearing it.

2018 year will introduce more such smart devices wearable technology innovations.

6. Updates and changes in search Algorithm

We know the search algorithm will change continuously if we accept it or not. There huge data/information is being added for every second because of the search giants will keep update the algorithm by changing it. These update will decide the ranking factors, priorities in search engine result page.

So the only thing to do is fresh and original , very informative and helpful to the readers/audiences/users. SERP is the only source to increse the traffic and focus other digital marketing channels too like social media etc.

7. Price variation online marketing

The Digital Marketing trends are rapidly growing in online space and will dominance the internet to expand the future.

As online space is growing demand will increase to the advertisement spots. Don’t think that PPC will die in the upcoming there will more optimized advertisements ruling the web world.

8. Fresh, Unique & High-Quality content will be the key to success.

Every digital marketer know the term “CONTENT IS THE KING”, and it will remain as said in the upcoming years too. The professional writers and video producers will make content marketing more competitive.

The key will be to write unique, Fresh, High-Quality and interactive content will connect the readers/users. There will be demand for the niche content writers who have knowledge and expertise in the specific subject.

9. High ROI will offered by Conversion Rate Optimization.

CRO is well familiar term for digital marketers and this the time to introduce to the landing pages and websites.

Conversion Rate Optimization will helps you the user behavior and identify the elements for the higher conversion rate. This CRO will helps convert the existing traffic into sales.

10. Growth Hacking will evolve continuously

In the 2018 feature the attention through Social Media Channels, Viral Marketing and organic ads will take the advantage of the growth hacking for the achievement of bigger level.

The most practice you do the more potential demonstrate will come to you in the upcoming years.

These are some of the digital  Marketing Trends in  2018, there are plenty out there based on their experience and practice, so be active and always follow the updates and trends in the digital marketing to stand out from the crowd.

So what do you expect for 2018? Share your thoughts about digital marketing trends for the coming year in the comments section below.

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